Buffalo Mud Year In Review: OMG, This Shit Again


OMG . . . a review of a year where The Mud came back from a layoff, went on sabbatical and then came back again. Despite the publishing rollercoaster there’s still plenty to contemplate and review. Though all of you probably could have done more to spread the word, you know— share it in your feeds, forward it in your texts, talk about at your cocktail parties—we still are thankful for your continued support as tepid as it may have been. Here’s to you having a great 2023 and maybe doing something good for your friends at Buffalo Mud.

We did our part to help Congressman Higgins tighten up his fashion game.
1. Hair Stylists Stage Intervention At Congressman Higgins’ Office

Every year contains its share of chance meetings and narrow escapes. No escape was as fortuitous in 2022 as the one made by a Buffalo woman who avoided a night out with local drummer “Bad Ronald.”
2. Woman Narrowly Escapes Night Out With Local Drummer “Bad Ronald”

Being the wife of the 1.5 millionth ranked Amazon author has never been good enough for P.A.Kane’s wife.
3. Handyman’s Skills Prompt Wife Of Local Author To Reevaluate Life Choices

Nothing says epic fail in 2022 like the wave at a Sabres game. For the love of God Buffalo please stop.
4. Lame Third Period Wave Marrs Rick Jeanneret’s Glorious Final Call

Ryan Fitzpatrick turned the page on his NFL career and now is using the “Fitzmagic” for the greater good.
5. Former Bills Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick To Advocate For “Hairy Man” Causes In Retirement

Much is made of being grateful, but not everyone feels blessed.
6. Local Man Sick Of All This Gratefulness Nonsense

Even irrefutable visual evidence doesn’t convince P.A.Kane’s wife of his exceptional qualities.
7. Despite Visual Evidence Wife Of Local Author Still Doesn’t Believe He Can Walk On Water

Uncle Neil looking for a little love too.
8. Neil Young Pissed At Outpouring Of Love For Joni Mitchell Following Newport Return

Announcement coming as soon as I embellish update my resume.
9. Local Author Considers Run For Public Office In West Seneca

Still everybody’s favorite . . .
10. Christmas Shopping With Jack Conrad