Proud Boys Dispute Embedded Filmmakers Taco Claims

Softshell with cheese and sour cream

Washington D.C.—Last week documentary filmmaker Nick Quested, testified before the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack. Quested had been embedded with the white supremacist hate group, the Proud Boys on and before January 6th and provided shocking footage of the assault and attempted coup on the capitol. In his testimony Quested characterized the Proud Boys as angry, profane, riotous, insurrectionist. He also stated they had a taste for tacos. That prior to the riot members of the hate group did some reconnaissance at the capitol in search of a place to launch their attacks and then stopped off for a taco lunch.

Nick Quested

Members of the Proud Boys had no issue with Quested describing them as angry, profane, insurrectionist—in fact, they were surprised he did not call them racists fucking assholes, which would have been fine with them too. But what they did object to and dispute was the comment about having a taco lunch prior to rioting. Tacos are an ancient Mexican food and Mexico is inhabited by brown people and according to Tyler Buffonbutt, a lieutenant from the Proud Boys Arizona chapter, “No self-respecting white supremisist would ever eat food created and perpetuated by brown people. We eat white food like schnitzel, pork and beans, crepes and perogies.”

Other members of the extremist group echoed Buffonbutts statements and complained that the Quested and the media were trying to defame them. Tony Blazenruini, a member of the Michigan chapter, said he is exploring possible legal action against the filmmaker. “How can I be taken seriously as a member of a white hate group if people think I eat that crap that comes from Mexico. I can hear it now—some swinging dick from the Oath Keepers: “There’s Blazenruini, that fucking loser eats tacos. What’s next, a vegan burrito with queso?” I can’t overcome that type of characterization.”

Tony Blazenruini

Proud Boys organizers said the taco comment set back recruiting efforts exponentially and they are now in crisis mode to change this perception. Efforts will be ongoing, but in the short term they plan to: terrorize workers and patrons of Taco Bell and Chipotle—(an exception will be granted for west coast chain Del Taco, “We really love Del Taco, especially the #10 which comes with spicy fries,” said an anonymous source). There are also plans to knock off trucks carrying shipments of tequila, guacamole and shitty car parts. They will be kicking random Chihuahuas, talking shit about Speedy Gonzales on social media. And, finally they will be infiltrating Salsa Dance studios and compel teachers and students to Line Dance while listening to shitty Rascal Flatts songs.

Members were not sure how quickly they could rebound from this setback but vowed to change the narrative and of course, to work tirelessly to spread hate.