Russian Long Jumper Seeks Date With Bills QB, Josh Allen


Buffalo NY—Last week, powered by one passing and two running touchdowns from rookie quarterback Josh Allen  the Buffalo Bills defeated  the Minnesota Vikings 27-6. While leading the Bills to this improbable road win Allen showed exceptional athleticism— hitting the pylon while diving for a touchdown and literally jumping over Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr for a first down early in the game. Allen’s heroics have led to potential sponsorship calls from Nike Football, Bounce Magic and Sky Zone Trampoline Parks. Allen also received a pitch from Joey Carbone of Carbone Bail Bonds—Jump The Legal System, Not Bail . . . Carbone Bail Bonds . . . Western New York’s First Name in Bail Bonds.

But the most intriguing call he received this week came from Russian long jumper Darya Klishinar, who inquired about seeing Allen socially. Based in the United States, Klishinar has not been the subject of doping violations and was one of a handful of Russian athletes allowed to compete in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics where she placed 9th in the long jump. In 2017 she placed second in the World Championships in London, England.

Asked what it was about Allen that made her reach out to him, Klishinar said, “All American men I meet want to drive around in pickup truck with baseball hat turn backward, listen to dumb Toby Keith music. I see Josh Allen so passionate in competition. Such great leaping ability, I say to myself, that’s a man I want to know.”

As a world class athlete herself, Klishinar understands the time considerations and pressures facing the rookie quarterback and would like to  start slow with him. She thought they could go on an afternoon stroll in a park where they could dunk basketballs, hop over some Volkswagen Bugs or leap across a creek like at Caz Park.

Allen said he was very flattered that a great competitor like Klishinar reached out to him, but presently he is very busy with football and is not really dating. He left open the possibility getting together with her in the off season, but said what he was hoping to do was meet a Buffalo girl who was into chicken wings, cream ales and Bob Seeger.