QAnon Reveals Hillary Clinton Secretly Rushed To Hospital During Deep State Meeting

Hillary Clinton

Washington, D.C.—Coded messages from QAnon or “Q” revealed that former Secretary of State and leading Deep State operative Hillary Clinton was secretly rushed to the hospital this week after choking on the remains of imported Peruvian monks. The grilled monks, said to be rich in life extending acrolein, were served with pimento ricotta cheese on Rovira soda crackers as an appetizer during the meeting’s cocktail hour. It was the Dali Lama who first noticed Mrs. Clinton was choking while they were having a good laugh about how easy it was to fool his five-hundred million Buddhists followers into believing he was a spiritual leader rather than a member of the cabal conducting a world wide sex trafficking/pedophile ring.

QAnon is a term for a sprawling set of internet conspiracy theories that hypothesize the world is run by Deep State Satan-worshiping pedophiles and cannibals plotting against President Trump. These Deep State actors also operate a global child sex-trafficking ring. Some of its key members besides Mrs. Clinton and the Dali Lama include: Oprah, Barack Obama, Pope Francis, as well as Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks.

The meeting of these Deep Staters cut short because of the Clinton incident was set to address new efficiencies in operating the sex trafficking’/pedophile ring. President Trump is the sworn enemy of the cabal and since he is indisposed while he watches Fox News, hate Tweets and eats Kentucky Fried Chicken for half the day the group sought to exploit this advantage. 

Tom Hanks was said to be very disappointed about the meeting being cut short because he had what was described as a “killer PowerPoint presentation” ready to go that was going to show how the group could really expand the pedophile ring. Hanks received solace from Oprah who reminded him and other members of the Deep State group they were playing a long game and this was just a minor setback.

Since its inception “Q,” the spiritual leader of QAnon, has provided coded messages through social media about the Deep State group. In his latest post “Q” had especially harsh words for Ellen DeGeneres, who, not only drove Clinton to the hospital, but in trying to comfort the Secretary, went on and on about the texture of the Peruvian monks soaked in pimento ricotta cheese. At one point, the comedian said that the monks were like the best chicken fingers she ever had, so it was understandable how someone could go overboard with them.

Mrs. Clinton is expected to make a full recovery.