Trump Supporters Confuse Stephen Miller For Steve Miller


Buffalo, NY—Sitting on their usual happy hour stools this past Friday afternoon at the Cobblestone on South Park Avenue watching Fox News, Kitty Litorus and her  husband Mike, confused thirty-one year old Trump Senior Advisor, Stephen Miller with rock legend Steve Miller.

“When did Steve Miller get into politics?” Kitty asked Mike, sipping her Fireball rocks.

“I don’t know,” Mike said, “but he looks like shit.”

“Yeah, time has not been kind to him.”

“We heard him on Howard Stern, remember? He went off on the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. It must have been after that.”

“Oh, yeah,” Kitty said

Listening intently, the couple liked what they heard from Miller about the Trump’s administration’s plan to overhaul immigration. Pushing back on the proposed plan, CNN’s Jim Acosta, asked if the English only requirement in the new policy didn’t intend to engineer the racial and ethnic flow into the country prompting Miller to unload on Acosta saying, this presumption revealed his “cosmopolitan bias.”(*note* cosmopolitan was a word to denote Jews and elites in Nazi, Germany and Soviet, Russia*)

Keeping his cool Acosta followed up with a question about changing what it means to be an immigrant referencing the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” poem embedded in the Statue of Liberty. Miller responded that the poem was meaningless since it was added after the statue was erected.

The Litorus’s reveled in the take down of both Acosta and his “cosmopolitan bias.” They also loved  Miller’s authoritarian tone, which enabled them to look past the utter stupidity of his statement about the poem being meaningless since it was added after the statue was erected.

“Mike, he reminds of the way your dad used to yell at you. Remember, do as I say, not as I do?”

“Yeah,” Mike said, “I just pissed myself a little hearing Miller.”

“Boy, he sure has come a long way since being a joker, a smoker and a midnight toker, but I like it,” Kitty said with a smile

“I’ll say,” Mike said also smiling, “We should check to see if he’s still does shows.”

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