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Buffalo, NY—As a way of giving back to the community which has been so good to him and to celebrate the release of his new novel, Leaving Jackson Wolf, local author P.A.Kane will take to various social media platforms and start providing friends and followers with love tips. These tips will be little common sense suggestions and pointers that will make anyone and everyone awesome in the eyes of their significant other, just like Kane is to his wife, Donna.

Recently, the Kane’s celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary which went completely unnoticed because, “I don’t go on social media and say all this dumb shit about her still being my best friend and a babe,” Kane said. Instead of making half-hearted, cliched pronouncements on social media, he prefers to do what he deems “real things” and have “real experiences.” For instance, the weekend of their anniversary, he and Donna went with friends to Detroit. Yeah, that Detroit. They stayed at an airbnb in a dangerous neighborhood, drank in shithole bars, spooned and listened to beautiful hopelessness of Conor Oberst. It was lovely, unforced together time devoid of all the pomp and circumstance that so often accompanies occasions. And, that’s Love tip #1—real things-real experiences.

Love tip #2—After a ten or eleven hour day at work one can be frazzled and ill tempered. But you know when you get home your lady is going to want to talk. She’ll want to tell you about her day and what her mostly, uninteresting work friend Sophia said. She’ll ask about other shit too: an appointment or something you promised to fix. Whatever it is you’ll be in no mood to deal with it. And, telling her you had a long day and can’t handle any conversation doesn’t cut it because in all likelihood she probably dealt with a whole bunch of shit today too. So what you have to do Kane says, “Take ten minutes on your way home and get her a six-pack of beer and a bag of Baked Lays.” Even if you already have beer at home (more on that in a moment) do this. She’ll be so thrilled with your thoughtfulness, she’ll be more than happy to just let you chill and get your shit together—maybe she’ll even make you a sandwich, but don’t count on it. Also, you get the Baked Lays because everyone likes a little salty snack with their beer and if you’re going have a salty snack there are much worse choices you can make than Baked Lays. Do this and you’ll be happy and she’ll be happy.

As far as picking up a six-pack even if you already have beer at home Kane says, “One of the immutable laws in life is: you can never have too much beer. You can have just enough, or heaven forbid, not enough, but you can never have too much. So buy all the six packs your fridge can handle, they never get wasted. That’s a bonus life lesson tip provided free of charge.”

Look for more of Kane’s love tips here and across his various social media platforms.               

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