Meme Cat Stepping Back From Spotlight To Do Regular Cat Shit


www.—Smudge, the white internet meme cat known for owning the hysterical, finger pointing, blond Karen, with its pithy one liners has decided to take a break from the spotlight to do regular cat shit like swatting at string, sleeping all day and totally ignoring attention seeking humans. This move by Smudge is not thought to be the result of some kind of crisis, but more of a realignment with traditional cat roles and a need to slow things down a bit. 

“Don’t get me wrong,” Smudge said, “it’s really fun to quip with internet Karen, but sometimes you just need to lay in the middle of the floor like a land mine and have the people that love you endlessly step over you and then explode and screech wildly if they so much as brush up against or nick your body. I’m also really looking forward to not eating the food they put out for me after I obnoxiously jump on their bed and head butt them awake at five in the morning.”

The image of Smudge was initially posted on Tumblr in 2018 and was then combined with a 2011 screenshot from an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” featuring Taylor Armstrong as Karen and Kyle Richards in the background. Asked what she thought about Smudge taking a break Armstrong said, “Well, that screenshot was taken from a restaurant fight where real punches were thrown when I was in my forties—yes, forties—so it’s good to take a break. It’s also a good to take your meds—especially when you’re the butt of a million internet jokes as a result of a traumatic restaurant fight in Beverly Hills . . . Namaste.”

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Additionally, the white meme cat said one of the things they are really looking forward to, after spending a few days of stretching out in the family window sills gazing at the birds, is just being cute. “Maybe everyone doesn’t feel this way but I can’t wait to be adored and objectified by people again just for being a cat,” Smudge said. ‘It’s great to be known and celebrated for your clever quips and quick comebacks but sometimes a cat just wants to be pretty.”

Smudge expects at some point to come back as a meme feature but as of now has no plans or time frame to do so. For the moment the famous feline is looking forward to just tearing up some furniture, chasing around a laser pointer and trying out one of those new electronic snakes.   

Smudge…just being pretty!!!