Welcome to my FAKE NEWS/ SATIRE  site BuffaloMud.com. My name is P.A. Kane and I am responsible for the nonsense that goes on here and the author of two coming age novels: Leaving Jackson Wolf and Written In The Stars: The Book Of Molly. And, coming in 2020, a collection of essays- The Last Playlist (A Sonic Epitaph)  

Authors on the margins, like me, face a very challenging marketplace and often spend as much time selling  themselves on an endless array of social media platforms as they do crafting their art.  For me, overt self-promotion has always been like an itchy, too tight sweater. So, rather squirm, scratch and  sell you on how great I am with a snappy post about my fabulous life I’m going to try to win your love and attention and about fifteen of your hard earned dollars by making you smile with these silly and often ironic stories.  As you can see from my picture, getting a laugh from you is probably easier than trying to convince you how great I am.

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P.A. Kane- updated, March 2019