Buffalo Mud 2020 Election Special: Truth Magazine Awards FOX Host Tucker Carlson: Tool of the Year


Washington D.C.—Tucker Carlson was always in the mix to be Truth Magazine’s: Tool of the Year. This week, however, the FOX host locked up the honor earlier than any past winners for his incredibly insulting, ill conceived and poorly executed lie about having damning Hunter Biden documents, that Opps!—got lost in the mail.

Flander Saltonstall, the managing editor at Truth said of course there are bigger more robust liars than Carlson, like the President, who Carlson is always attempting to prop up, but volume isn’t the only criteria in determining Truth’s Tool of the Year. It’s the audacity of the lie and lack of believability. Saltonstall said, “Our winners are like that kid everyone had in their fifth grade class whose dog ate their homework three times a week, every week for the entire school year. And, said kid, didn’t even have a dog. It’s an incredibly insulting, uncreative lie that shows zero respect for the intelligence of the person being lied to. Obviously, Carlson has zero respect for his FOX audience.”

Carlson was already in the running for the honor as a result of a defamation lawsuit filed by former Playmate model Karen McDougal. McDougal said her reputation had been harmed when Carlson accused her of extorting President Trump after she had an affair with ole mushroom dick. FOX lawyers representing Carlson argued the host engages in exaggeration and hyperbole and Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil, of United States District Court in Manhattan agreed, saying: “Given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer [should]arrive with an appropriate amount of skepticism about the host’s on-air comments.” 

In other words the Judge said, Carlson is full of shit and nobody should believe anything he says. This, said Saltonstall, was worthy enough for Tool of the Year honors. But the lost Hunter Biden documents put him over the top.

The damning lost documents, which were on a flash drive, were eventually found and returned to Carlson and guess what, he’s assessing them — the fucking tool.

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