Bulletproof Apparel: It’s Sensible And It Looks Good Too…


United States, America—With the new school year (aka the shooting season) ramping up parents are not only buying pencils and rulers, but the latest bulletproof apparel. As mass shootings continue to rise in the United States (approaching the three-hundred in 2019 with a quarter of the year to go) parents feel these bulletproof products are a necessity to a good learning experience.

Dottie Fox of Gainesville, Florida said, “It just makes good sense to outfit your kids in the latest bulletproof backpacks and tees. I mean, we got the University of Florida here and there’s no telling what some twenty-year kid is liable to do when a pretty co-ed won’t have sex with him. Or if he mishears what good ole Donald up there in Washington is saying while he’s making America great again. Bulletproofing your kid is just plain sensible and it looks good too.”

MC Armour offers a line of stylish bullet resistant clothing and backpacks for both kids and adults. Established in the early 90’s with a mission statement: To preserve the lives of human beings through specialized personal protection solutions.

The Miami, Florida company offers several lines of products that really work. Check out their video below.

Ethan Dunfoo of St Louis, Missouri showed up to first grade with a with an Avengers backpack, which his grandmother had outfitted with a ballistic insert. At show and tell he explained to classmates that in the event an active shooter gets past school security, even with the backpack he might get shot in the hands or legs and it would hurt a lot, but at least he wouldn’t be dead like if he got hit in the heart or head. When he was asked by a classmate who didn’t have a ballistic insert in his backpack what would happen to him, little Ethan paused for a moment and then very astutely replied, “I guess you’re going to die.” 

Even as demand for these products have grown and the school security industry has ballooned to almost a three billion dollar a year business, researchers from Rutgers University say these products are only tested for use with handguns and not the military grade weapons most commonly used in these shootings, thus creating a false sense of security. The researchers added shooting events develop rapidly and are fluid. It is unlikely that during one of these events that a child would have the presence of mind to find and use their bulletproof packs. 

Congress is set to return to Washington in mid-September and will again offer thoughts and prayers.  They will grandstand about mental health being the issue and not guns. Then, they will vote to cut programs that provide mental health.     

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