Without Much Thought Or Planning Buffalo Mud Is BACK!!!


Buffalo, NY—After not much thought and zero planning local author P.A. Kane (The Last Playlist) has decided to revive Western New York’s favorite satire/fake news site—Buffalo Mud. The site went dormant in August of 2021, also without much thought or planning. When asked for an explanation why the beloved site went dark, Kane didn’t really have one. 

David P Zach and Kanye

He didn’t cite exhaustion—his zoo sloth level of activity was/is as constant as ever. Traffic was not a factor—readership at the site remained mediocre, but there was no fall off. There was also no suggestion that the operation was too big to handle by himself, though he did say he would have liked a little more participation from Senior Mud Contributor, David P. Zach. But, as we know, the Kanye fixer is a loathsome no-good liberal with zero boot straps and is always looking for the next Joe Biden handout to take care of his soft little snowflake ass.

If there was anything Kane could point to for reviving the site it was a recent viewing of Bob Weide’s beautiful documentary: “Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck In Time,” on Hulu. Having read much of the Vonnegut canon in his youth, Kane may have temporarily forgotten that life is absurd and most of we’re taught to believe is totally fucking stupid. So, why not make dark jokes the way Vonnegut did about the bombing of Dresden and the crass consumerism of America and the fact that we all secretly want to be robots instead of human beings. So if there’s anybody to blame/thank for the restoration of Buffalo Mud, it’s Kurt Vonnegut—that silly bastard skipping around in the accompanying movie trailer below.

Kane doesn’t really have a plan going forward other than to say there will be stories about world events, his favorite Trump daughter—Tiffany, dumb grievance filled white people who would rather die than get vaccinated (I know—the Nazi regime is treading on you freedom blah blah blah), Lauren “Bobba Fett” Bobert, life in Buffalo and everyone’s favorite South Buffalonian—Jack Conrad. Everybody wants more Jack Conrad.

Look for Buffalo Mud on Twitter and Facebook or hit the subscribe button and it will be delivered to your inbox for free. Don’t worry about Kane ever spamming you—he barely has the smarts or ability to post these articles. David P. Zach might have the ability to spam you, but he’s probably in therapy right now because the lady at the bank raised an angry eyebrow at him when he cashed his last government check.