Local Author Contemplating A Different Future


Buffalo, NY—Loyal readers of Buffalo Mud may have noted a drop off in production in recent weeks. Unlike other area businesses struggling to find employees as the world slowly reopens from the pandemic the slowdown at Buffalo Mud is the result of local author and chief satirist P.A.Kane contemplating a different future for himself and the publication. 

In addition to Buffalo Mud, Kane has penned two novels and most recently a collection of essays: “The Last Playlist: A Sonic Epitaph.” He apologized for the drop-off in articles and said he is at an inflection point in his life and career. “Sorry for the diminished output in recent weeks, I just think it’s time to reassess where I’m at personally and what I want from the site going forward. I mean, how many stories can you write about everyone’s favorite South Buffalonian, Jack Conrad?”

The 1.5 millionth  ranked Amazon author also said he doesn’t expect major changes like when he bumped “Songs in The Key of Life” by Stevie Wonder out of his Top-Ten desert island albums and replaced it with Rickie Lee Jones’ first record. Or like when made the life altering move of going from double cream half decaf to half decaf one Splenda with his Tim Horton’s coffee. 

The change Kane sees for himself in both his writing and outlook is toward the natural world since he purchased a fully outfitted/ off the grid Ram Promaster,  “Yeah,” I don’t know,” he said. “One day I was listening to Neil Young sing about going to Alberta in the fall in the old Ian and Sylvia song, “Four Strong Winds” and I was like that sounds so good—the Canadian Rockies, donuts, hockey and universal healthcare.”

Kane said he could foresee his satire mutating into something like “Buffalo Mud Wild,” with nature-centric articles like “Study Finds Bears Still The Biggest Assholes In The Forest,” and “Local Author Swears That Pine Cone Lodged In His Ass The Result Of An Unfortunate Fall.” 

 Though he is still gathering his thoughts and contemplating his future he did say during this period, it would have been nice if Senior Mud Contributor, David P. Zach would have put down his Churchwarden Bilbo Baggins pipe and stopped daydreaming he was Frodo on his voyage from Middle Earth to the Uttermost West  and all that other Hobbit bullshit and wrote a fucking article or two—if you’re going to be the Senior Contributor at Buffalo’s premier satire publication you occasionally need to do some work .  

Aside from the annoying task of having to dress down his Senior Contributor, Kane remains upbeat and is looking forward to changes in both his life and Buffalo Mud.