Lack Of Response Further Proof “Just Ronald” Demotion Warranted

“Just Ronald” and Two-Thirds of the French Connection

Buffalo NY—On August 19, 2019 Buffalo Mud published an article about the movement to demote local Western New York drummer, “Bad Ronald,” to “Just Ronald.” The movement began when “Just Ronald” attacked The Cure’s epically sad and beautiful record, Disintegration, with a lame, button pushing social media post—God awful Cure song from a god awful Cure record . . . just saying. Lol. The post was so transparently fake both Roger Stone and Alex Jones rolled their eyes in disbelief. It also led locals to examine other posts by the diminutive hairless drummer, which eventually resulted in the ground swell to strip “Just Ronald” of the “Bad Ronald,” moniker. 

Movement To Demote Local Drummer “Bad Ronald” To “Just Ronald” Growing

As the movement snowballed “Just Ronald,” vowed to respond and to vigorously defend his “Bad Ronald,” name. But in the intervening two plus months there has been no response and just a bunch more lame-ass posts that scream “Just Ronald”—Bills were out-coached . . . Almost!! and Kinda happy for the Jets!! Btw Yankees still suck!! Just saying . . .

There have been other posts where he tried to say the Beatles were overrated while giving a not subtle nod to Elvis Costello, which is akin to saying Jesus wasn’t all that, but that apostle, Simon—now, he had game.(“Just Ronald,” is unaware his thinly-veiled Elvis Costello reference is actually to a song written by the great Nick Lowe). He is also pictured with two-thirds of the greying French Connection from the Sabres glory years, which is a feat every sixth-grade boy in Buffalo aspired to in 1976.    

The one cool thing that seemed to have happened to “Just Ronald” in the last couple of months and gives him a shred of credibility is having his photo snapped with The Fleshtones lead singer, Peter Zaremba.  But, when asked to comment about the pic Zaremba said, “How the fuck do I know. This little kid wants a picture and all I can think is when did we start doing all ages shows?”

“Just Ronald” and Peter Zaremba

Here are some other voices from Western New Yorkers speaking out about the “Just Ronald” demotion:

Kevin McNamara (Legendary bartender)- “Yeah, I’ve seen him play a number of times in a number of different combos and he always does ‘Sweet Caroline.’ What says ‘Just Ronald’ more than fucking ‘Sweet Caroline’?” 

Greg Sterlace (Legendary WNY artist)- “I named him and the band ‘Bad Ronald.’ All I can say is through the years I’ve had some good ideas and some bad ideas. This was one of the bad ideas.”

Josh Allen (Bills QB)- “Aw, leave the kid alone. He ain’t no Bieber, but he’s all right.”

Tim Watts (Lifelong friend)- “Goddamnit ‘Just Ronald,’ where’s that fifty you’ve owed me for like ten years?”

Evidence that the “Just Ronald,” movement is advancing toward its inevitable conclusion is coming  at gigs from people who tell the elfin drummer that he sort of looks like this guy who owed Tim Watts fifty-bucks and used to go by the name, “Bad Ronald.”  

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