Extreme Sex Leads To Kaisertown Woman’s Death, Husband Faces Possible Charges

Stan and Marion Dombrowski

Buffalo NY—A 911 call was placed by Kaisertown resident Stan Dombrowski when his wife, Marion became unresponsive during an extended session of coitus. The couple had recently resumed their long dormant sex life with the help of modern medicine.

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First responders from Rural/Metro Emergency Services responding to the call at the couple’s Willet Street home, said the traumatized seventy-four woman was in a state of extreme elation with an elevated body temperature that was red-hot to the touch. Efforts to revive Mrs. Dombrowski as she drifted off moaning: “Stan the man; Stachu, my monster; Never stop Stan,” were unsuccessful.

Police were called when moments after attempts to revive Mrs. Dombrowski failed, her distraught husband seemingly admitted to first responders that he accidentally killed his wife.

Paramedic Carl Riptide who treated Mrs. Dombrowski, said that though distressed and perhaps going into a state of shock Stan Dombrowski repeated over and over again: “Oh my god, I killed Marion with my dick.” He further added, “I can’t believe it, I fucked Marion to death.”

According to statements made to the police, the Dombrowski’s were antique shopping earlier in the day when Stan became extremely agitated with the activity. Though his wife was well aware of his agitation and his overall disdain for antiquing she kept pushing and pushing him until they ended up at Wendell’s House of Bed Frames on New York-Pennsylvania border. Police said the extreme anger led Stan Dombrowski to take several extra doses of the medicine that aided his sexual functioning with the intent to kill his wife for putting him through: “ . . . a half day of this antiquing bullshit.”

Since Stan Dombrowski clearly admitted to wanting to kill his wife with sex, police felt it was a premeditated act with intent, and were compelled to refer the case to the District Attorney’s office.

No time table has been set to review the case and Dombrowski was released on his own recognizance. In the meantime, police removed all the little blue pills from his medicine cabinet and stopped his prescription at CVS.    

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